Fall/Winter Events

AMCO YOUTH recently sponsored two events.

The Football Event was held in November, and was initiated by Br Mohammad Elmeligi. He, along with Br Affan, organized an afternoon of touch football. Not only did the boys have fun playing, but they were joined by other older members of the AMCO community. All participants showed great sportsmanship, and enjoyed pizza and snacks. But the highlight was seeing them all take a break from the field to fill the musallah during jamaat times.

The Tea Party was a December event organized completely by two members of our Youth Group, Sr Shiza and Sr Ismihan. With some guidance from Sr Heba and others, the Tea Party was a great platform to re-establish the masjid as a place to gather for our teenage sisters. Between the potluck items, a rousing game of Mafia, and good discussion, everyone clearly enjoyed the evening.

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